Private sector

For private sector clients we will provide expert advice and support on all planning related matters including:

  • Development potential of your land and buildings;
  • Detailed advice on the planning considerations relating to your proposal;
  • Assistance in navigating your proposal through the planning process (including the Planning Committee);
  • Guidance on how to enhance your chances of success;
  • Drafting of planning statements and any other related documents to support your proposal;
  • Professional support to architects and multi-disciplinary teams;
  • Advice to developers and site promoters in strategic land assessment and site finding.

Public sector

For public sector organisations services include: 

  • Advice on all aspects of planning and placemaking.
  • Preparation of supplementary guidance to aid delivery of large scale and strategic planning projects;
  • Provision of interim planning management support;
  • Support in policy formulation and project delivery;
  • Working with local planning authorities to build their capacity and improve their planning and placemaking services.